Bigg Boss 10: Yuvraj Singh’s Mother To File Defamation Case Against Akansha Sharma! Lawyer Reveals The Truth!

AP2TG Staff

As if nasty fights, tension among the contestants and growing disputes inside the Bigg Boss 10 house were not enough, now controversies are waiting for the evicted contestants outside the Bigg Boss house as well.

Akansha Sharma, who entered the popular reality TV show Bigg Boss 10 had created enough chaos in the house, since the time she entered. Everyone was surprised when Akansha stated that she is the estranged wife of Yuvraj Singh’s brother, Zorawar Singh.


As soon as her broken marriage became a hot topic of discussion, Akansha kept on making some shocking allegations on the cricketer’s family every now and then, which obviously is not going down well with anyone. Akansha was married to Yuvraj Singh’s brother, Zorawar in 2014. The wedding lasted for just four months!

Now that Akansha has been evicted from BB10 last week, she has come out in open to talk about her marriage to Yuvraj’s brother Zorawar and has even made several appalling allegations against her in-laws.

In an interview after coming out of the house, Akansha, who was briefly married to Yuvraj’s younger brother Zorawar, said that he told her that “he used to smoke pot”.


When someone asked her to comment on her mother-in-law’s allegations of substance abuse. This is what she said,

As far as substance abuse goes, it was there in their family too. Whatever I did was with them. I smoked pot with my husband. Yuvi also told me he smoked pot. It is a very common thing in the industry. My mother-in-law now needs to say something to justify herself.

However Yuvraj’s mom is not going to tolerate Akansha’s non-sense anymore; she has decided to file a defamation case against her, for making those ‘False allegations’ and maligning the family’s image.


Talking about her eviction, Shabnam Singh says

Why do you think she got eliminated? It’s not just because she wasn’t playing the game well but it was due to the fact that she was discrediting Yuvraj, who is a national hero. Obviously, there was public outrage as his fans didn’t like it and voted her out. Yuvi has got a huge fan following and who’s she? She’s merely hopping on Yuvi’s fame and was lying all the time. We will take lawful recourse.

Shabnam has hired Daman Bir Sobti, a Chandigarh-based lawyer, for handling the case. Talking about doping, the lawyer said


Can an international player be on dope? He’s got the World Cup for our country, he has survived cancer because of his good health. He’s a teetotaler, how can he be doping? In fact, she was suspected to be on dope and has been given a fair chance by way of counseling.

Although Shabnam is quite busy with Yuvraj’s marriage preparations, she will ensure that proper action is taken. Akansha had also accused Yuvraj of substance abuse, which further infuriated Shabnam.

She said “My son has given his blood, sweat and tears to the nation, this is insulting to him.. Yuvraj hasn’t discussed this matter with Shabnam Singh yet because he doesn’t prefer getting into all these matters. But one thing is for sure; if Yuvraj posts even 1 tweet about this, he will get the support of millions of his fans.


Yograj Singh, father of cricketer Yuvraj Singh, has rubbished claims of his son being a drug addict. This what he said.

What nonsense is she talking? This is all rubbish. I am a father of four children, and none of them is a drug addict. Yuvraj and all my other three children are like lions. They don’t eat grass.

Now, this is completely opposite of what Akansha had stated! Let’s see what action the family takes. What do you think about this? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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