[WATCH] Yuvraj Singh Shares Video Of Most Bizarre Dismissal In Cricket, Analyst Explains The Hidden Reason

AP2TG Staff

The game of cricket has changed over the years. It first evolved into Tests and later One Day Internationals. And now, it is the shortest and the most famous format of the game and it is Twenty20. There is the talk of 10-over cricket too.

You might have seen many weird dismissals so far. Many of them have caught our eye but don’t worry about the ones you missed because there’s Indian veteran all-rounder Yuvraj Singh. He recently took to Instagram to bring the most bizarre dismissal ever to light.

The left-hander, who is struggling to make a comeback in the Indian team, posted a strange video in which a batsman was given out by the umpire despite leaving the ball safely into the wicketkeeper’s gloves.

No one appealed, the ball didn’t hit the wickets nor it touched his pads. The decision left the majority confused. We hope there are much more such dismissals he would share in time to come. Just like Yuvraj, even his followers were left puzzled after watching the video.

Watch The Video Here:


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Later on, renowned statistician Mohandas Memon explained the logic behind the dismissal. “For all those asking…This match was played for charity in 2007. The rules for this match was that if a batsman leaves two balls, which are playable, without playing a shot in the same over, the umpire can declare you out. And that’s what happened in this case!” he tweeted.

Left-handed batsman Yuvi is currently out of the Indian cricket team due to his fitness and poor form. He played his last ODI in June this year, while he has not been included in the longest format of the game after 2012. The 35-year-old played his last T20 game in February 2017.