Yuvraj Singh Gets Out In The Most Bizarre Manner Against Sri Lanka In The Match [WATCH VIDEO]

AP2TG Staff

We had seen many bizarre and funny dismissals. There are few dismissals that leave even the best batsmen confused. This happens in every sport.

In the second match between India and Sri Lanka at the Kennington Oval in London of the ICC Champions Trophy, Yuvraj Singh found himself surprised and shocked when a ball after hitting his bat bounced behind him and hit the stumps.

Due to an unfortunate turn of events, sometimes, your strength becomes your weakness where you don’t have anyone to blame but yourself. The same situation was experienced by Yuvraj Singh in yesterday’s match.

In the 34th over, Asela Gunaratne pitched the ball up and while it should have been an easy shot for Yuvraj, the latter failed to read the ball and jammed down on it when the ball had already become a Yorker. Surprisingly, the ball bounced behind him and dislodged the bails without disturbing the stumps.

Yuvraj looked distraught after the dismissal as he couldn’t believe how it happened. Due to his high back lift, Yuvraj was not able to stop the ball from hitting the stumps. If he did try and stop it, he might have gone on to hit the wicket himself with his bat and that would have probably been a bigger “fail” that what actually occurred.

Watch The Video Here:

After defeating Pakistan comprehensively in their first match of the ICC Champions Trophy, the Men in Blue are up against a depleted Sri Lanka in their second match of the tournament being held at the Kennington Oval in London.

After the first innings, team India was very confident as the target was above 6 runs per over. However, things didn’t go in the way of team India as Sri Lanka defeated them by 7 wickets.