Your Eye Shape Says A lot About Your Personality, Check Yours!

AP2TG Staff

Do you know this fact that your eyes can reveal your personality? Yes, that`s true recently scientists also revealed that eyes are the informers that can reflect your personality. They can say whether your nature is friendly, anger, warmth, lovely, etc. Is this very interesting, right? I think you are also very eager to know what kind of personality is yours.

Eyes are very attractive part of a human body. They can do magic in many peoples life; some people fall in love just for the looks. Eyes can express many feelings without a single word, in fact, they can speak much than hundred words. There are certain eye shapes that make you forget the whole world.

Having anxiety is quite natural but, this analysis is absolutely true say, scientists. Then come let us also see what are they.

Almond shaped Eyes:

They are self-disciplined and can manage their situations on their own. They can maintain secrets, can control emotions.

Round Eyes:

They tend to be dramatic and very emotional. They speak what comes to mind. They are very attractive, impulsive, charming and try to be happy always.

Closed Set Eyes:

They can know things very deeply. They can`t tolerate the things that make them angry. Simply to say they can`t wait for anything like traffic jams, waiting for others, etc.

Wide-set eyes:

The distance between their two eyes will be more. Hence they are wide set eyes. They are flexible and tolerant as they have their own perspective on life. They like competitions and will encourage others too.

Deep Eyes:

These people are very observant. They catch things easily and work creatively. They come to a conclusion by observing things.

Protruding Eyes:

They are very energetic and be active all the time and make people around them very active. If someone ignores them, they can`t bare and gets hurt very badly.

Big Eyes:

They are very open minded and have curiosity on things. They are very creative, intelligent, romantic and always friendly to everyone around them.

Small Eyes:

They are referred as perfectionists and attentive. They always watch what is happening around them. They are multi-talented and give their best to everything they do. They also watch things in detail.

This is very interesting, right? Have you ever believed that you could know your personality with the eye shape? But now you will believe by reading all the above. Do tell your friends regarding this and let them know about this