Xiaomi Mi Band Review : Cheap, but does not do much for fitness freaks


Tech enthusiasts have shown interest in smartbands, Xiaomi Mi Band will be the first smartband for a lot of Indians. Tech giant of China origin Xiaomi has been a showstopper again unfreezing its much awaited Xiaomi MI Band which is widely speculated to be every Indians forthcoming wearable tech accessory most probably due to its low budget. Release of Xiaomi MI Band would certainly going to cause high pressure upon the rest of the electronic wearable gadgets manufacturers in India.

Xiaomi-Mi-Band specs and features

Xiaomi Mi Band Budget Friendly Smart Accessory

Sales of Xiaomi Mi Band makes it clear that techies and people are gearing up to buy wrist strap to track their daily activities as they used to do so before the sales of the Mi Bands. While it has been proved through recent studies of the Mi Band sales that most of the users wished to buy MI band despite being aware of its utilities simply because of its budget-friendly price tag. Although we are here to solve out why one should buy Xiaomi Mi Band? Is that because it is cheap? Or merely because you need a wristband? Here are some things which must be briefed by a user or a buyer of Xiaomi Mi Band before the purchase.

There has been a huge turn up of tech savvy’s and techies across the nation to buy the Xiaomi Mi ban which makes it clear that there has been an increase in the interest in smart bands while many have not sold on its utility. The availability of the Xiaomi Mi Band for Rs 999 has changed the mindset of the Indian techies who opted to buy it for a budget friendly price rather than going for it for its utilities, perhaps it has occurred due to the handiness of Xiaomi MI Band for Rs 999 rather than the being priced as high as Rs 10,000 like existing fitness trackers.

Mi Fit app: Availability of the Mi Fit App makes Xiaomi Mi band which is the referred to be the heart of the Mi Band makes it’s more trendy and effective. Xiaomi has made available Mi Fit App on Android and iOS absolutely for free. Mi Fit App is compatible with both ruling Smartphone’s of the tech era iOS and Android Smartphone’s.

xiaomi-miband-app-screens operations

To sync the recording MI band has to be paired with the Smartphone via Bluetooth to the smartphone app. Users have the choice to switch off the Bluetooth on their mobile to save battery and to switch it to pair with the band wish to see results when it is needed. Initially users need to sign in with their Mi account or create a new one so to access Xiaomi Mi Band paired with their mobiles. Users personal physique data like gender, birthday, height and weight would be asked by the app initially while registering and pairing with the app after which a users need to assign a daily target of between 2000 and 30,000 steps. Mi Fit App notifies user with about the incoming calls actuating vibration in the band added to this it also works as a silent alarm clock which could be used to wake up early morning. Users would be notified about the incoming calls only when they are within the Bluetooth range.

Operations of Mi Band along with Mi Fit App:

Xiaomi Mi Band total number of steps, distance and approximate amount of calories lost every day by the user who is wearing the tech accessory device. In addition to these it also tracks the sleeping pattern after wearing the Mi band showing the wake up time and sleeping time of past night. Amusing fact of the device is that it shows the amount of deep sleep a user had last night while wearing the band after the activation of night mode, although the readings may not be as accurate most of the times. It lets the user to calculate the number of steps they had taken in a  certain period of time and the amount of calories and fat burned in that span. Demerit of the app currently would be the abortiveness of recording the daily calorie intake of the Mi band user which may allow the user to calculate the calorie part altogether.

Although being entertained with this features at such an exciting friendly budget users may lose the interest in the Mi band as it just continues to store data which is of very little use as per a techie who aspires to have a lot from a wearable gadget. Mi band would inspire users to accomplish their daily task to be active where the activity bar chart indicates the users fitness trend. Although it is has been reported that users has hardly concerned about the data after the usage of Mi Band for a couple of weeks. Experts opine that for serious tech freaks the data is very less who look forward to have maximum data about their physical parameters due to unavailability parameters for the workout sessions in the device.

Current users of the Xioami Mi band report that this budget friendly app has been focusing the walk or run of users daily tasks and jobs which wouldn’t certainly affect the user if they do get that sort of the data as per a serious tech freaks. Tracked data such as counted steps, sleep, alarm function and incoming call notification and the battery of the Mi band would be lasting for a month only.  Readers are left with their choice of buying the smart gadget Mi band after getting briefed and aware of the features and operations at a cost of just 1000 bucks.