Woah!! Cow’s Heart gives New Life to 81 Year old Woman


In a major medical procedure, Indian doctors have successfully implanted a valve to 81 year old woman which is made from cow’s heart inside a leaking heart valve. The patient named Alluri Seethamma from Hyderabad had undergone a heart replacement surgery eleven years ago. In recent days her condition has become very serious after the valves narrowed over time and began failing. The original valve had narrowed over the years and her blood pressure was not healthy. Doctors advised that, surgery in such a condition is not a good option.

Woah!! Cow's Heart gives New Life to 81 Year old Woman

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According to reports in TOI, the patient complained of severe breathlessness and repeated hospital admissions in April and the test results showed that her replaced aortic valve was narrow. After carefully examining her condition, doctors at Frontier Lifeline Hospital performed the operation for three hours, removed the diseased valve and replaced it with a new bio prosthetic heart valve made from cow’s heart.

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Dr Anantharaman, the senior consultant cardiologist who carried out the surgery says that “She had undergone radiotherapy and this had caused tissue in her chest to get stuck. This made her an extremely high risk case”.The procedure was not easy as the elderly woman had also undergone treatment for breast cancer a few years ago. The woman is recovering and has been shifted to the general ward.