Why Maggi Banned? Maggi 3 Min Shocking Video All Vegetarian Must Watch


The reports are telling that the Nestle Company’s food product Maggi is a Non-Vegetarian Food. People who eat only Vegetarian food shouldn’t eat Maggi. But the people doesn’t know the ingredients used in manufacturing of Maggi. But the Company tells that Maggi is a Vegetarian food. Actually, the ingredients used in Making Maggi are given on the cover of Maggi. In that list of ingredients, every ingredient has some e-code with it. No one knows about that ingredient and the e-code. All the vegetarian eating people also eat Maggi without knowing the fact.

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In this list of ingredients, we can see Flavor Enhancer (635). If we search the code in the internet, we get the details of the ingredient. Here we come to know that the ingredient is ‘Disodium ribonucleotides.’ And that is made of Fishes. This type of food is not good for health. And especially this food is some kind of poison (slow poison), which effects on our health. Maggi is made of with pig’s fat and some other waste. So don’t encourage this kind of food which degrades our health.

Watch the video below: Making of Maggi


Maggi is not a healthy food. People prefer this food mainly because it is easy to cook; it takes very less time to cook and contains some taste in it. But this taste is coming from pig’s fat and other bad ingredients which affect our health. Thus this food should be banned and take legal action on the company for making such activities.