Why Every 10th Class Pass-Out Choose Narayana Jr College Over Other In Telangana And Andhra Pradesh?

AP2TG Staff

The time of wondering about choosing an intermediate college right after 10th class is long gone. SSC passed outs that walk out of their schools now has got nothing to be confused about. A mere thought of choosing an educational institution for the Intermediate is of no need.

From over a decade or more, South India’s prestigious educational institution Narayana Junior college has been crafting the budding students into gems. Their superficial schedules and study materials along with the proper discipline have been weaving the aspiring engineers and doctors into better versions of themselves.


Over 70 percent of those who pass out the school with flying colors are straightaway opting for their suitable program in Narayana Junior Colleges.

Best Training for IIT-JEE

Many of them make it to the prestigious institutes like IITs and NITs, thanks to the effervescent study schedules and the vibes of breaching impossibilities inculcated in the campuses. One cannot ignore the numbers.

Growth in Learning Curve

The growth we can acknowledge in the number of students making it to the IITs is quite fascinating.


The above factors are strong enough to influence the students into signing for a program in Narayana. Further best qualities include the standards of teaching, meticulate schedules, and the environment.

Best Qualified Professional Teaching Staff

Teachers are capable of doing incredible things. Lecturers with at least a decade of experience in teaching will guide you in an aesthetic manner. Narayana Colleges have some well-planned string of mock tests that will reflect the academical stature of the students.


All these things said and noticed, and the proven results, we cannot agree more about the fact that Narayana offers the best means of education for those who aspire to fly with the brightest ranks and marks and make it to the IITs.