Who Is This Punjab Police Harleen Mann, And Why Is Her Photograph Going Viral?

AP2TG Staff

The internet is a noted platform for acquiring knowledge and digging out any sort of information. But we shouldn’t blindly believe everything present on the internet. It is also space where fake news and hoaxes to spread without much check.

Such fake news has covered from photos wrongly identified to quotes taken out of context that went on to create quite a stir. Well, one such incident recently happened in Punjab. A photo of a woman in the Punjab Police uniform went viral on social media.

The badge in the picture identified the woman as Harleen Mann, and many believed her to be the Station House Officer (SHO) of Punjab Police. As beautiful as the ‘officer’ is, many went gaga over her looks and re-posted the picture with comments such as ‘I surrender’ and ‘people are in a queue to get arrested’.

Apparently, the photograph was widely shared on prominent social media platforms creating quite a buzz online. However, there is more to know about the person in the photo. Before we explain on that,check out some of the hilarious reactions.

Hilarious Twitter Reactions:

Well, coming to the reality, it is quite different from what was being assumed. The woman in the photograph is actually actress Kainaat Arora, and Harleen Mann is the name of the character she’s playing in an upcoming Punjabi film ‘Jagga Jiundae’.

Kainaat Arora clarified this on Instagram adding that she had been bombarded with messages and posts after the picture went viral. In her post, she said that ‘Harleen Mann’ is the name of her character in the film that she is doing currently and to further avoid any confusion, she also added that she is not a real police officer.

Arora has previously acted in movies such as Grand Masti and Khatta Meetha.

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Let this be a lesson for all those who blindly believe in photos circulated online, and the importance of verification. Nevertheless, if Arora’s photo alone has created such a lot of stir, the movie might just be quite a hit as well.

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If Harleen Mann really was a police officer, social media totally disregarded the possibility that she could be a professional, and reduced her simply to a pretty face.