Be Aware! WhatsApp Scammers Are Now Flooding With Fake Subscription Fee Messages

AP2TG Staff

The leading mobile chat application WhatsApp is so much concerned about its updates. Waking up early morning and finding the different interface of your WhatsApp account is no wonder anymore.

Though this giant application is habituated to its updates, the previous year’s updates such as voice calling, video calling, and blue ticks played a remarkable role in the welfare of the application.

On the other side, people appear bit annoyed with the subscription messages claiming to pay little sums to continue using WhatsApp, one must be careful enough to understand that these messages are forwarded by scammers are trying to charge users for using the instant messenger.

“People are being targeted by a message that reads `your subscription has expired, and to verify your account and purchase a lifetime subscription for just 0.99 GBP simply tap on this link,” said a prominent news portal.

This link lets people click on the suspicious link, scammers are tricking people into providing their payment details. It is better to the people to delete it immediately.

Meanwhile, those who has already clicked on it, safeguard your account by running an antivirus software on your device to ensure you not being infected with malware.

However, users can also block the sender so that they can no longer message or call you through WhatsApp.