[WATCH VIDEO] Priyanka Chopra Apologizes To Netizens After Being Trolled For Calling Sikkim ‘An Insurgency State’

Krishna Reddy

Priyanka Chopra has always been in news for one or other reason. Dearly called as ‘Desi girl’, she made her mark in Indian film industry with some qualitative movies like Fashion, Barfi and Mary Kom.

However, her journey has become international with the advent in English TV series ‘Quantico’, now with recent action flick ‘Baywatch’, she made her presence firm in Hollywood. Unlike her successful journey, recently she is been criticized on the Internet since the day she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an odd attire.

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It is very well known that she had received a standing ovation at the Toronto Fim Festival held in Canada for presenting the upcoming NorthEast movie ‘Pahuna: The Little Visitors’. Her speech at the festival has drawn in huge attention and backlash for the way she presented Sikkim.

In a recent interview, Priyanka was seen saying, “Sikkim is a small state in the Northeast of India which never had a film industry of its own or anyone who made films from there and this is the first film ever that came out from this region because it is very troubled by insurgency …”, and that is all, that’s where people started thrashing Priyanka.

Talking about the theme of Pahuna, she said, “This is a film about two kids and their perspective on the refugee crisis on being moved from one place to another without understanding the reason.” Unfortunately, Priyanka is also the brand ambassador of Assam, and that catalyzed the outburst of the people.

priyanka chopra on trolls and memes

Coming to the facts, Sikkim is never a newbie for filmmaking, many critically acclaimed movies came from this place. Out of many finest film-makers, Prashant Rasaily is one who has made acclaimed films like Katha and Acharya. This year a Lepcha film ‘Dhokbu’ premiered which also earned a lot of praise from all corners of critics.

On the other hand, Priyanka’s statements have attracted a backlash online and people are asking her to get her facts right. The twitter reactions were way too brutal and bold at the same time.

Watch the video here:

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After all, that happened on the social media, PeeCee now has opened about her mistake and apologized for her words slipped at that moment.

According to the sources from Hindustan Times, it is believed that in the following interview with News X, Gyatso said Priyanka, her company and the director and producer of her film, ‘Pahuna: The Little Visitors’, have apologized to him in writing and verbally.

Gyatso also mentioned how her statements about Pahuna being the first film from Sikkim are wrong and gave the example of Dev Anand’s Jewel Thief as one of the earliest movies from Sikkim.

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