Watch: This Football Player Accidentally Thanked Both His Wife And Girlfriend Live On TV And Twitter Lost Its Shit!

AP2TG Staff

Live TV gaffes – we love them. Whether it’s a mere slip of the tongue or a full-blown Freudian slip, we can’t get enough of them.

Thankfully, there’s another blooper to add to the ever-growing list, and it comes courtesy of footballer Mohammed Anas, who plays for South Africa’s Free State Stars.

Yes, this Ghanaian footballer made a hilarious blunder in what is being called ‘the greatest man of the match speech of all time.’

After an exceptional game of football, he has declared the Man of the Match. In a moment of exhilaration, the footballer went on to thank his wife and his girlfriend for his performance on the field.

Quickly realizing his mistake, Mohammed went on to correct himself and, more importantly, apologize to his wife.

“And I appreciate my fans, also,” Anas says the start of that clip. “My wife and my girlfriend… yeah, I mean my wife. Yeah, sorry to say… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, my wife…

Obviously, it may just have been a slip of the tongue, but when you’re live on TV it’s pretty hard to backtrack. The speech he made after the game has since gone viral in a big, big way.

As soon as the video went viral, Mohammed Anas became an overnight Twitter sensation, with people sharing hilarious reactions on his honesty. Check them out.

1. No shit, Sherlock!

2. Can’t argue that

3. I am pretty sure of that too

4. In WTF logic

5. Now that is a brilliant idea

6. Seems about right

7. Too much happiness in one GIF

8. So, a hat-trick?

9. Greatest speech of all time

10. Instant regret

11. Asking the real questions

12. The analogy seems pretty accurate

13. Everyone listening to Anas be like

14. Mohammed Anas for President?

15. And his name will be inscribed in golden letters

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