Warren Buffet may not have used AirBNB service but he may use Pobyt!


We have a lot to learn from Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of our times and a humble owner of 8,190 crores (2018).

Buffet has this timeless quote for us “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”

Without doing an investing investigation on that quote, it simply indicates that price and value are not always one and the same.

In India, most of the time due to lack of flexibility in services and products, we are forced to pay more in exchange for a “value” that we don’t need. This is a big problem, especially for working-class people.

On that pessimistic note, being in this rat race for success for around x years now, I have understood one thing that creating wealth is irrespective of talent or even smart work. If we can just learn to spend “our time” properly for the right value at the right price we can create a hell lot of money! NO, my friend, I haven’t told you anything enlightening here, this has been the age-old formula, from early caveman “millionaire of bananas” to modern millionaires of whatever!

Ok, I am not a millionaire (yet) but I have started using services which can actually value my time and save some money.

Here I am going to connect you people with a new service called Pobyt which is just what we needed when it comes to booking hotels.

To put it simply, Pobyt is a mobile application which lets you avail hotels on “minute” basis. Yes! you heard it right, unlike the “24 hours ka room” with Pobyt you can book a hotel room for even an hour.

If you are someone who books a hotel for work, business meetings, parties, or to just rest then most of the time you spend only a few hours in these rooms. But as of today, every booking service only allows us to book a room for an entire day, which is unfair.

Pobyt deals with this problem and makes rooms available to the customers looking for a shorter than an overnight stay.

Microstays (Pobyt)

For now, Pobyt has it reach only in Hyderabad and Bangalore cities. Big players like AIRBNB, OYO, MakeMyTrip etc have taken over the Indian hotel market, however, none of them provide “Pay per minute” service. Pobyt is the one and only application available on the market making this happen.

Now coming back to the title of this article, will Buffett opt for a service like Pobyt?

Buffett is known for keeping things simple and cheap. He eats 4$ dollar or less breakfast from McDonald’s every morning and has lived in the same four-bedroom house in Omaha since 1958. He is 87-years-old now, so he “may” find it difficult in searching for a room-sharing service like AIRBNB

But using Pobyt, he can continue to go to his usual favourite hotels paying just for the time he stays there. Will he refuse such an offer?

Source: Medium