Watch: VIVA Harsha “The BIg Fat Proposal” Hilarious Video Going Viral

AP2TG Staff

You all remember Viva Sort film right ? Viva short film team came up with their new hilarious comedy short film “The Big Fat Proposal”. Viva Harsha is playing father role in this short film.

This short film is about a boy who tries to impress the girl’s Stubborn Dad. This short film is done
as a part of Sprite Comedy Konkout #FakeOff Challenge. Harsh impressed everyone with his performance. Watch the hilarious video here.

The Big Fat Proposal:

In this short film, the boy tries to impress her girlfriend’s dad with smart and decent looks. Rather he got frustrated with the uncle and reveals his attitude in front of him. The film focused on fakeoff skills since it is a fakeoff challenge.

The video got good response from everyone. Within short time the short film crossed 1 lakh views and is going viral in social media. The Big Fat Proposal is getting maximum shares in internet.