[WATCH VIDEO] Virender Sehwag Celebrates 1 Crore Followers On Twitter In His Style!

AP2TG Staff

It is well known that former ace cricketer Virender Sehwag has started his second innings off the ground, twitter. He used to hit sixes and fours while batting on the field and nowadays he is hitting sixers with his tweets on the micro-blogging site. The man has been a sensation on Twitter ever since he took to the platform.

Sehwag joined Twitter in 2009 and since then has enjoyed instant popularity. He doesn’t like to mince his words and often gives his opinion on everything around, from cricket to domestic and international politics but mostly in the witty and humorous way.

He had proved to be a source of inspiration for many who call him the King of Twitter. His birthday wishes can make anyone’s birthday more special and his witty one-liners, takes on current issues and quick videos have made him a very famous figure and he has not let his fans down.

And his popularity on the social media website now is growing with each tweet that he posts. The Master Troller has built a huge fan base on social media, as a result of his desi humor.

And now recently, Virender Sehwag Became ‘Twitter Crorepati”:

Yes, he achieved an off-field milestone when he touched 10 million followers mark on Twitter. By this, he now one of the famous members of the Fab 5 of Indian cricket is now at No. 2 in terms of followers with his former opening partner, the legendary Sachin Tendulkar leading the chart with 16.1 million followers.

As known for his Viru Style, the Nawaz of Aligarh celebrated the feat with a special tweet. On Tuesday, Sehwag celebrated the moment with a short boomerang video where he shows his ten fingers to denote the 10-million followers.

Here is his tweet:

Sehwag has some brilliant tweets that are loved by one and all. All in good humor he has taken digs at senior batsmen and his former teammates and has not even spared Sachin Tendulkar. However, has also has landed in controversies often, over a few social and political issues.

His recent tweet which had fans laughing in splits

Only recently, he shared his mantra for a happy marriage on Twitter and had Twitterati laughing their hearts out. He posted a picture of him, watching an IPL match on his phone, while he is also accompanying his wife to the movie!

“Main bhi khush, Biwi bhi khush”, he tweeted!

His favorite subject seems to be the relation of husband and wife, as he has often tweeted about it in his style. Earlier he compared husbands with air-conditioners and Twitterati loved his thought.

We hope to see some more hilarious tweets in future. What’s your take on this? Do share your views in our comments section below.