[Watch Video]: Virat Kohli’s EPIC Reaction When Crowd Started Shouting “Anushka Anushka”!

AP2TG Staff

Indian Skipper Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma make one of the cutest celebrity couples. Their relationship has been a ray of hope for many fans in the gloomiest year of the decade so far. Fans always wish to go deep into their love life, but the couple has always maintained a safe distance.

As we all know Virat Kohli is an expressive person, both on and off the field. Since last few months, he has been actively expressing his love for Anushka quite vocally on social media and the couple has been spotted together several times.

But this expressive nature of him has landed him in several awkward situations, especially if it’s related to Anushka, and a similar thing happened to him earlier is now going viral like a wildfire.

Yes, a video of Virat Kohli in a match between India & West Indies where the crowd starting cheering Anushka’s name when Virat Kohli was fielding on the boundary.

You may think that Virat must’ve got angry there, but the man maintained his calm and instead hinted the crowd to use the right name by pointing towards the back of his jersey. With this unexpected reaction from Virat, they couldn’t hold the excitement for long.

Watch The Video Here:

virat kohli got angry when fans said anushuka

virat kohli got angry when fans say anushuka

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This act from Kohli proves that is not only a furious competitor who never shies away from a bit of banter, but he is also a true gentleman too.

Besides that Anushka & Virat are really a lovely couple. It’s a treat to see them together always.

We hope that the couple makes it official very soon. We love the Bollywood and Cricket association, what do you guys think? Let us know your views in the comments section below.