Virat Kohli Walked Off The Nets As Anil Kumble Checked In – The Conspiracies Raised

AP2TG Staff

On the soft corner, Team India is all set to make a bashing entry into the Champions Trophy 2017 as one of the favorites. But, since a couple of days, something was smelling fishy off the courts, in nets and dressing rooms.

Especially, the cold fight between skipper Virat Kohli and coach Anil Kumble. On Tuesday evening, post the warm-up game against Bangladesh at the Oval, the duo encountered each other in nets, and shockingly, Kohli left the nets as Kumble walked in, this raised some severe concerns regarding the ongoing ugly fiasco under the sheets.

Though it is still unclear about the reasons behind this, rumor had it that the two didn’t share the same wavelength on including young chinaman Kuldeep Yadav in the India-Australia series. Also, in another news, it was said that even the BCCI officials have problems with Kumble since he asked for an unjustified raise for himself and the team all of sudden.

Meanwhile, veterans from the game have been giving their own opinions on the issue.

Firstly, when asked about the controversy, veteran batsman Sunil Gavaskar claimed that there’s no necessity in the coincidence of the options of both captain and coach, and he dismissed the rift as a natural one, then urged the media not to sensationalize this.

“I don’t think this should be taken seriously, this kind of discussion is in fact healthy. The coach should be somebody who is good for Indian cricket. He should have a vision for Indian cricket which would carry Indian cricket forward for the next 8 to 10 years,” Gavaskar said.

However, former Indian offie Harbhajan Singh on the other hand also had his say on the issue, but was more in favor of Anil Kumble, saying he is a man of respect and would never invite problems with anyone at any possibility.

“If someone has issues with Kumble, he should go and talk to him because he’s a person of respect and as per my experience, he can’t have issues with anyone,” said Harbhajan.