Virat Kohli Defines The Fine Line Between His Relationship With Australians, Slams Media For Misleading His Statements

AP2TG Staff

Terms like ethics and morals of the game are quite antonyms when the Australian cricket team is considered. Be it 1990’s team or 21st century’s Australia is somewhere out of the game spirit. On various incidents, the war of words turned worse when it was about sledging the rival cricket teammates.

Now, especially when it is a series-deciding match like the fourth test, the curiosity will be highly intriguing and crucifying. The Aussies as always known will never take back a step on intensifying the sledging.

Now, as the series is done, there’s a lot to talk and discuss, the quirky comments made by Sehwag and the aggressive responses to the Australian players from the Run machine Virat Kohli. The saddest part about the series is that, despite the individual team fans, the Australian media and some websites like FOX went forward portraying Kohli in a negative way, comparing him with Trump, conducting online polls, maybe they are just unable to digest the amazing innings played by him.

Earlier, Kohli mentioned that he has a positive relationship with Australian cricketers and knows how to manage that on and off the fields and when this question was asked after the series, Kohli’s response has changed.

He ended up saying that his former opinion is no way same at the moment. He then added that the words he said before will never be told by him again.

Taking out these words said by him, the Australian media went further dragging him into the negative limelight, in order to clear out the clouds, Kohli then took on to his Twitter account and said:

Very few days left and the IPL season is about to bang on, as far as it is considered, the way Kohli responded to this fiasco is quite dignified and operational. Hope Australians will start focussing on their betterment of cricket rather than on Kohli.

Smith, however, played down India skipper Virat Kohli`s jibes at him and said he was not sure if he was one of the “couple of individuals” from the Australian team who Kohli did not want to be friends with.

“That is for Virat to answer. I don`t know if I am one of those couple of players Virat was hinting at in his tweet today,” he said.

“For me, the series is done and dusted and India have outplayed us. I am now ready to lead a new bunch of team at the Pune Supergiants.

“All I want to focus on now is the IPL and leave everything behind. I have been in India for a long while now and have got used to the conditions which I can translate in my performances in the tournament,” the prolific batsman added.