Argument between Vijaya Kesari and Hrudaya Kaleyam Director Rajesh turns out to be a War


Once again Dr.Vijaya Kesari Telangana activist, US Citizen came into social media saying that Sai Rajesh, Hrudaya kaleyam director insulted a 72 years old actor Nagaiah. He says Actor Nagaiah was a beggar and he was made actor, so he is back to begging. He also posts in comments saying they are making a beggar lazy or useless by giving 1 lakh rupees.

Vijaya Kesari reacts to his comments and says “Nagaiah was not a beggar. What should we do to such rascals who think they make beggars into hero’s. I am sure he is thinking same thing about Sampurnesh babu, he needs to quit . This guy doesn’t respect artist , he thinks directors make beggars into actors”.

“Ban this idiot in Telangana and Andhra once for all and make him beggar and lets see what he says while begging on streets. How dare he insults a 72 years old actor and refers him as begger. He needs to apolozise to Nagaiah Garu if not he will see the heat”.

Argument between Vijaya Kesari and Hrudaya Kaleyam Director Rajesh

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When she posted against him, Rajesh responded and started posting about Vijaya on his wall which is unrelated about Revanth Reddy and Regions. Both are on fir and arguing with each other.

Vijaya said, he asked me last week to make a dubmash video with CBN phonecall voice which I denied and now I came to know his intension. He is harrassing me in now as the discussion is live with the name RAZESH and the IP address is , he says I asked him for movie opportunities LOL.

It is the Andhra directors who offered me and look what he says . I denied many offers since years and I want him to post the screenshots of what he is saying in that forum. I am attaching the FB message he sent me asking to make Dubsmash of CBN. He also deleted all his posts this morning, I have the screen shots if anyone wanna see, she said. DB: Kesari Screenshots

Sai Rajesh used abusive language in against Vijaya Kesari. Here are the screen shots:

vijaya kesari & Sai Rajesh, Hrudaya kaleyam director war DB: Kesari akkai DB Screenshots

Argument between Vijaya Kesari and Rajesh

Sai Rajesh, Hrudaya kaleyam director at DB

Sai Rajesh, Hrudaya kaleyam director trolls Vijaya kesari

Sai Rajesh, Hrudaya kaleyam director says Actor Nagaiah was a beggar

Argument between Vijaya Kesari and Rajesh

Vijaya Kesari fb messages with Rajesh

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I would like to file a Case on him and Chalanachitram, this forum encourages abuses and this is not the first time. I want all the movie artists who supported him to see these posts including Mahesh kathi. All of you tell me what to do with him. He has 2 daughters and he speaks such filth, she added.

Sai Rajesh posted on his Facebook: “Filing police case against @Vijaya kesari now….attaching her videos”

Sai Rajesh - Filing police case against @Vijaya kesari

You can also check Sai Rajesh Facebook account for more details

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