Video: Uttej Emotional Speech on Baahubali


“Baahubali – The beginning” creating new records in Telugu film industry and many of the critics applauded the team of Baahubali for their success. Uttej Telugu film actor praises Director SS.Rajamouli, Prabhas, Rana and few other members of entire Baahubali team who have struggled for the movie day and night as it has brought new image to the Telugu film industry.

Video : Uttej Emotional Speech on Baahubali
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He says that two months back when he went to Sudharshan 70mm theatre at RTC cross road, Hyderabad which was his childhood memory and he was shocked to see that there is no theatre. Not only that, most of the theaters in Andhra Pradesh were developed as commercial complex, function hall etc. This is because there is no story in movie, formula-based movies, Dubbing movies, Hollywood effect, believed in graphics, thinking that producing movie is easy, piracy effect etc. All these have shown massive effect on theaters that led to nil profits and movies with no hits.

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Long back in Telugu film industry, there are movies for which the people used to stand in queue for long hours for tickets so as to watch their favourite hero or heroine’s movies. Those days, fans used to setup huge banners and dance infront of the theaters. But now, there is no such situation because of lack of story and other ailments in movie.

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Now, Rajamouli has done a movie Baahubali for which all the theaters are full and it has brought up an image to Telugu film industry and re-writing the history. He congratulates Rajamouli for doing such prestigious film. He also said to Kill Piracy.