Video: Actress Samantha’s Shocking Reply to Annapurna Sunkara


Annapurna Sunkara, a Telugu NRI women has become utmost popular on social media as she released the Video , which says that the Telugu films are not giving respect to women and is degrading. The video spread viral in all the social networking sites. She even talked about the most popular directors Rajamouli and Puri Jagannadh in that video. Moreover, she insulted comedian Ali regarding the incidents that took place in audio functions which were hosted by Ali. She said that Ali insulted Samantha during Atharintiki Daredi audio release.

Many people gave counter attack to Annapurna saying that, she must change her way of thinking. Popular writer Kittu Vissapragada released a video saying that, the makers cannot make a movie without adding romantic scenes. In order to attract the audiences, they must add some flavors to the movie.

Watch Samantha’s Shocking Reply to Annapurna Sunkara:

Some of them made videos in which they outraged Annapurna personally and some others responded to her video in a sarcastic way. Now, the popular actress Samantha responded towards the video of Annapurna Sunkara goes viral in social networking sites.

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When the media asked Samantha about Ali comments, she said that Ali is a close friend of her and she also knew that why he said like that in the audio function. Moreover, she said that, Ali did not mean it in a controversial way. She told that it is not a big deal for her and she didn’t even called Ali for commenting her after the audio function. Also, she said that Ali has a great respect for everyone and also a respectful person.