Video: Gurdaspur Cops Encounter on Terrorists in Punjab


As we know that, yesterday in Dheena Nagar, Punjab terrorists attacked the police station. All the three terrorists were killed and one of them was alive. In this operation, SP detective Gurdaspur Baljit Singh was killed in the attack besides two home guards and another policeman. Three civilians were also killed. As many as 18 persons including three police personnel have been injured.

Watch Video: Police Fights against the Terrorists without Bullet-Proofs

All the people are applauding the police for their operation on the terrorists. However, people are criticizing the government that as they didn’t even gave any bullet proof jackets to the police during the Terrorist attack. Punjab Police fought with the terrorists without having the jackets and no advanced weapons. The incredible vulnerability resulted by inadequate training and equipment for those who put their lives at risk.

We can see this in the video where the cops were running without bullet proof jackets and also carrying heavy guns.