Video: Amazing Characterization of Rana as “Bhallala Deva”


Baahubali – The Beginning is smashing the records with its gigantic collections across the world and even placed in Hollywood Biggies list. ‘Baahubali’, the Indian Telugu epic film which is directed by SS Rajamouli is moving all over the word and it is in the way of shattering and setting new records in the entire Film Industry. Baahubali, already professed a blockbuster, the movie has succeeded in almost all the regions across the world. It has wisely managed to hoard for itself tributes and compliments from around the world with its spectacular visuals, splendour and detailed characterization. All the characters in the movie have been designed astonishingly with a magnificent look. Even, all the characters in the movie have given their best for the success of movie. Highly intellectual legendary Director, SS. Rajamouli has delivered an outstanding movie in four different languages with excellent characterization of each and every role.

How Rana is selected for the Character of Bhallala Deva

Recently, a video has been released by the Hindi Distributors of the movie, Dharma productions revealed the insights of the movie. The video shows, how Rana Daggubati and Prabhas, the lead actors of the movie underwent extensive physical training at the time of movie-making in order to acquire the perfect bodies that are required to play their respective roles.

Characterization of Rana as “Bhallala Deva”

The video mainly focused on the characterization of the leading character Bhallala Deva by Rana Daggubati. SS. Rajamouli has shared the thought process and the inspiration behind the characterization of huge role Bhallala Deva. Actually, the characterisation of Bhallala deva was defined in few lines by his father that, Bhallala Deva is kind of person who never believes in God, but loves the notion of deity hood with him being the God. His character is in such a way that he always cloaks his real character as mystery and so no one actually predicts what’s going on in his mind.

characterization of Rana as Bhallala deva
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Vijayendra Prasad, who has written the story of Baahubali shared few words about how they had planned to design the character of Bhallala Deva. The reason for selecting Rana for that character is, they are actually in hunt of a person who is about 6 feet tall with hefty body and full of strength who can vanquish a bull with single hand. He said that, Rana is apt for this character and he is a boon to the movie.

Rana- vanquishing a bull

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Rama Rajamouli, who is the costume designer of the movie, speaks about the costumes of Rana as Bhallala Deva. They have designed the costumes that replicate the character of Bhallala Deva who loves to wear more glitter and gold.

Watch the Video of Rana as Bhallala Deva:

Rana also described his role, Bhallala Deva as a person who always trusts that he is the rightful owner to the throne. He worked out immensely to get into that giant scale and the stunt master, Peter trained them in various forms of Marshal arts and so they got that huge size.