The Photo Of Bride Wearing Shorts Instead Of Lehenga! Twitterati Left In Splits

AP2TG Staff

There’s no doubt that weddings are all about dancing, eating and making merry. The duration of weddings varies from families to families. Some prefer hosting a week long wedding while some love to keep it short and sweet.

People plan their wedding to happen very well and it has to be remembered by everyone in their life. They plan things in a most epic manner and enjoy the day with full of love and happiness.

But when the bride decides that she is done with everybody trying to outshine her on her special day, anything can happen. For all you know, she might even turn up in shorts instead of a lehenga. Yes, if a picture on the Internet is to go by, a seemingly Indian bride, decided not to go with lehenga for her wedding.

Relax, she wears a black Nike gym shorts instead. Of course, the Internet has forgotten to keep calm ever since. While we are yet to figure who she is and what inspired her to ditch the lehenga, there has meanwhile been no stopping the jokes on Twitter.

See how Twitterati reacted over it:

From wondering if Ranveer Singh (and his eccentric fashion taste) decided to pay the bride a last moment visit to guessing she might have to hit the gym right after the wedding, Twitterati went all out guessing!

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