International Yoga Day: Twitterati Can’t Stop Trolling Yoga Asanas, These Tweets Will Leave You In Splits

AP2TG Staff

Aiming sound mental and physical state of body, June 21st of every year is celebrated as International Yoga Day. Prominent personalities like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Baba Ramdev actively participates in the Yoga Events in order to bring awareness to people regarding the maintenance of sound health.

With various ways of programs conducted by the state and central governments, the yoga program conducted in the presence of honorable central ministers plays a vital role in all aspects.

Meanwhile, celebrating the third edition of the World Yoga Day, people across the world came together participated in the event led by Modi. It sounded like the rain was about to hit the grounds, but the spirit of people was no stained, thousands of people actively took part in the event and the photographs are now going viral on the Internet.

One can have a sneak peak on the Social media. And the another side of the story is of those who ditched the day, laid on their beds trolling the posts of those who participated in the program. These tweets relating to our common activities and some classic songs of Bollywood will leave you in splits.

What all makes you roll on the ground are those ‘yoga memes’ featuring PM Modi and Venkaiah Naidu, with the hashtag #InternationalYogaDay, the tweets are going viral on the Internet.

Read Some Tweets Here: