9 Predictions Of IPL Final Match & By The Twitter User Made All Came True! Is He A Genius?

AP2TG Staff

Finally, the tenth season of IPL 2017 ended with a nail-biting final against Rising Pune Supergiant, making Mumbai Indians win the IPL 2017 title and it is the third time that the team has won the trophy in IPL history.

Though this is MI’s third successive win of the IPL championship, the match had almost kept everyone sitting on the edge of their seats, biting their nails and watching the spectacular turn of events unfold.

Well, there is always certain sort of things common during the match, if ones favorite cricket team has entered the finals, I’m taking about the predictions that are something that you can’t just avoid that day because of pure excitement.

As we all know there are many cricket experts who predict things on the basis of various factors and their observational knowledge; however, we also find certain social media users who try to act as “Cricket gurus” by predicting anything and everything ahead of the match.

And there was this one Twitterati(Cricket Guru) who made predictions, much ahead of the Mumbai-Pune IPL final match and you’ll be surprised to know that he got all 9 predictions right. Not just the winner, but every detail from very first toss to the last-ball thriller.

However, after knowing his trick, you might lose trust in such social media predictions, especially the ones on Twitter.

Firstly, let us have a look at what all he tweeted…

His 1st prediction was about the toss and fortunately, it was correct!

His 2nd tweet was about Rahul Tripathi getting out under 10 runs and this too was right as the cricketer scored only 3 runs.

The user predicted 0 no balls! Whopppieee, he won once again!

Mumbai will win first and score somewhere around 120-130 runs! Genius?

Parthiv won’t score more than 10 runs; yo baby, he was right as the cricketer scored 3 runs!

His tweet about Smith’s strike rate being less than 100 went wrong; the cricketer maintained a rate of 102. This was almost close, but still, we will treat this too as correct.

Rightly predicted Pollard’s six; he faced 3 balls and hit 1 six.

How did he know that Smith will be the highest scorer?

The last prediction stunned everyone! How’s this possible?

As inhumane you may consider, as impossible you may say, eight out of nine predictions is beyond the explanation of even the greatest mathematicians and physicists. Strange, is that true?

Ok, let’s tell you the real truth behind this, are you still thinking he’s God that he got so many predictions right? The answer is NO! Now, we’ll like to show you the age-old trick which people have using to fool others on social media platforms. Don’t hate him after knowing it.

How did he predict everything correctly?

Well, this is a very old trick that was even used during FIFA world cup. Check some steps;

1. Create new Twitter account

2. Tweet every possible outcome you can think of. For example Mumbai will win in 11th over upto Mumbai will win in 20th over.

3. Do it for player scores also.

4. Wait for the result and delete your wrong guesses.

5. Share your tweets to gain followers, everyone will think that you’re genius.

Got it? So this is the secret behind his genius mind. You too can try this during the next match and become a sensation on social media, just like this user.