Twitterati Sprees Outburst Against The Towering Fuel Prices, #fuellootsarkar Trends On The Internet

Krishna Reddy

To sustain an able and steady life style, petrol and diesel are somehow most necessarily needed products. According to the recent revisions in the commercial elements, Petrol and Diesel prices are revised every fortnight. With raising dependencies on other commercial aspects respectively.

Moreover, despite the positive expectations from the governance of BJP Govt under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s everything that has been happening since the inception is just the same but in a sleeper manner.

petrol and disel price in india

Of course, there is no doubt in believing that the transportation and processing expenses somehow make it up to higher valued good, the recent alterations in the rate change are quite concerning.

If we get into the details of the happenings, it is clear that price of petrol has been increasing continuously in small amounts and till now, it has increased by Rs. 7.01/litre, making it the highest price ever India has recorded in its history.

petrol price in august 2017 india

Parallel to this, Diesel has faced the similar fate with a considerable growth in Rs. 5.35/litre, bringing the price to Rs. 58.74/litre in National Capital Delhi and this is the highest price ever seen.

Let us go through the systematical increase in the price of petrol with every day till date (Sept 14th, 2017):

petrol and diesel prices india


petrol price in august 2017

petrol price increase in august 2017 india

Source: Indian oil

According to the above details in the images, the price of Petrol back on June 16 in Delhi was Rs. 65.48 and on July 2, it was Rs. 63.06; in the same manner, the price of diesel on June 16 was Rs. 54.49 and on July 2, it was Rs. 53.36. But since July 3, the price started increasing.

Though the price has come down by 2-9 paise on few occasions it was never down in the wholesome. The pilot project was run in five cities before replacing the older 15-days price revision with the daily-revision.

People from various corners of the world has already started strikes against the issue. The #fuellootsarkar hashtag is now trending on Twitter. Check out the Twitter reactions below:


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