Twitter Goes Crazy As Zee News Boycotted The Coverage Of News Regarding India Vs Pakistan Champions Trophy Final

AP2TG Staff

The whole country is now cherishing the victory India had against Bangladesh, what all happened on yesterday is simply a moment of celebration for Team India, to mark a fine victory in the astounding Champions Trophy 2017 against the crucial teams like Pakistan and South Africa followed by Bangladesh and winning at such a grand margin is simply very good.

Both the bowlers and batsmen did their best against Bangladesh, yesterday, with the amazing form of bowlers in the second 25 overs of the first innings and the full-fledged pace in scoring runs by Indian batsmen in the second innings has marched Team India into Finals of the Champions Trophy.

Despite all the positive parts, it appears like a section of the Indian media was not on the fair side with the victory of TeamIndia. Media house Zee TV earlier made it clear that it won’t be covering the Indo-Pak match. The founder of Zee Group Subhash Chandra himself tweeted that no channel of Zee group will cover the game.

This popular media channel chairman even included that its subsidiaries DNA, Zee Sports or any of them will completely remain unaware of the subject, the authorities further explained that this deed of them is marked as a respect to Armed Forces of India.

Read His Tweet Here:

According to Subhash Chandra, it would be better to show the stories of real heroes i.e. jawans instead of covering such matches and cheering for our team. On one side, the whole news channels are busy after covering the interesting things about the Grand Champions Trophy and on the other side, Zee News is least bothered.

And this is how Twitter reacted: