Twitter Goes Berserk Over The JEE Advance Results 2017, Consoles Those Who Didn’t Make It To IITs

AP2TG Staff

JEE Advanced Results are out yesterday, which means the doomsday has arrived for those who showed their backs to the books the whole year. Just like every year, Twitter has its share in the day with many curious things, next to the good marks, which actually is rare, the Twitter reactions and trolls are the interesting things.

Some students are anxiously after the JEE exam’s official site to check their marks, Twitter, on the other hand, is busy doing exactly what it does best – make funny tweets on the situation.

One thing is sure, no description is needed to explain the importance of this examination, as thousands of students, every year wait in anticipation for the results. This year was no different. More than 170,000 students appeared for the examination that was conducted on May 21.

The relative jokes remain timeless and a constant, but when we are talking about IIT, how can we not talk about Kota, starting from the Sharma ji ka beta jokes, everybody is so much ready to make fun of the situation. Someone is making jokes about the number of calls students should expect from their relatives today, and Twitter has started its innings with a hashtag #JEEAdvanced2017.

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