Twitter Brutally Trolls KRK Over His Vituperative Tweets On Team India And Virat Kohli

AP2TG Staff

After making a bang on debut in Champions Trophy 2017, India somehow managed to gather a good score in the second match too. With the total of 321 runs in 50 overs, Indian batsman has given a fine standing to the Sri Lanka.

However, it appears like it was bowlers who failed to handle the second innings properly, though the bowlers did their very best in clinching an amazing victory in the first match, it was the same people who failed to stop the match passing through their finger gaps.

We all expected that India would win the 8th match of Champions Trophy; unfortunately, tables turned the other way round, all that disappointed people is the score of Virat Kohli, with a “0” in 5 balls; many cricket fans, who had high hopes from Virat, were utterly disappointed. Usually, he’s the one who saves the game, but things were different yesterday.

KRK, who always tries to get his pawns on anyone, now took the advantage of the situation and went forward trolling Indian team and Virat Kohli. He bluntly blamed it on Mallya; the self-proclaimed critic said that since Mallya attended Virat’s party, he got bad wishes from everyone, due to which he couldn’t win. Indirectly, his mundane tweet is more about defaming Kohli.

Read KRK’s Tweets Here:

And this is how Twitter reacted: