[WATCH VIDEO] TV Presenter Mayanti Langer Gives Perfect Replies To Every Fashion Trolls

AP2TG Staff

We all know that TV presenter in India Mayanti Langer had faced a bunch of comments during a show on Hotstar. She had been in the news for all wrong reasons. People trolled her on social media websites harshly and disgraced her upon her dressing during the show.

Though she has not been a professional player herself, unlike many guests on her shows, Langer has become the face that viewers expect to see before, during and after the matches, bringing to them all the analysis as she talks to experts.

But Mayanti kept calm and retorted politely. In this video, Mayanti Langer can be seen responding to some of the Twitter trolls she had to undergo during the coverage of ICC tournament.

User-1: “Mayanti Langer’s dress last night was the best possible combo of dhoti, lungi and a skirt. She should open an Amar Akbar Anthony dress shop.”

She replied saying: “Hey, that’s a good idea and you know what? I’m gonna call you for the ribbon opening. What do you say? Yes?”

User-2: “Want to know who is the designer for Mayanti Langer’s atrocious clothes right through the tournament.”

Her answer was a tough one. “Get your eyes checked mate, it’s all subjective.”

Watch The Video Here:

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Now, Langer has been working with Star Sports and hosted the 2016 edition of the ICC World Twenty20. And she continues to be a part of various shows related to cricket and other sports on the various Star Sports channels.

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