Are You Genius? Then Try To Answer This Puzzle Correctly In Your First Attempt

AP2TG Staff

Who doesn’t like puzzles ? Puzzles results determine what IQ (Intelligence Quotient) you carry. IQ has nothing to do with your grades. If you are the one who challenges puzzles this is for you. If you are thinking you are genius try to solve this puzzle in the first try.

Here is a small test to the people who think they are smart and good at solving problems and finding mistakes. This is a crazy and brand new puzzle which is roaming on social media. Online puzzles are tricky and the results of such quizzes tell a lot about how smartly you can use your brain.


Your task is simple: Determine what goes in the place of the question mark. And as I said, the answer is not “6.”

Hope you find the answer before we reveal. Keep thinking !!

Here is the Hint: Don’t run behind the number. Try to think out of the box.


I don’t want to keep you waiting. Here is the ANSWER…

Try to remember where all you see these numbers… Right in a manual transmission car…The car gears.

So the answer is “R”


Did you find it in the first attempt. Share your initial answers in the comment session below. If not don’t worry you’re not the only one who didn’t get this.

Loved this? Spread it out, Share this with your friends. Let’s see if they can figure it out or not !!



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