Tricks To Wake Up With Perfect Hair

AP2TG Staff

If you think waking up with perfect hair is a myth, we say you’re wrong. With these tips and tricks, you’ll wake up with perfect hair everyday! Now it’s time to wake up like this.

1. Coconut oil is your magic portion

As you already know, coconut oil has a gazillion uses! For shiny hair every morning, apply it on the tips before bed. This also helps to eliminate static thus keeping hair bouncy and shiny all day long.

2. Invest in silk sheets

Silk avoids friction therefore limiting damage to your hair. Investing in them is a long-term advantage. Another option is to wrap your hair in a silk scarf before sleep. It’s time to say bye to fizzy hair!

3. Use baby products

Baby products are generally gentler and made with natural ingredients. This will cause minimum damage to your hair. This is your ‘woke up like this’ moment!

4. Use talc for beach wavy hair

Put some talc on your scalp and braid your hair. The next morning, let your hair loose for magical beach waves.

5. Swap metal hair accessories with plastic ones

Metal hair accessories may cause damage to hair. Avoid this by using plastic ones while you’re sleeping. This will make sure your hair gets easily de-tangled with minimum breakage.