Train Moves Over The Girl As She Crosses Rail Tracks While She Was On Phone Call

AP2TG Staff

Railway accidents have become quite common and most of the times led by some actions of severe ignorances. Earlier this Sunday, a miracle caught on cam, a young girl got knocked over and run over by a hurtling train but miraculously survived the entire incident. The girl apparently was on the phone and didn’t hear the train coming towards her, by the time the driver saw her, the first carriage had already passed over her. Fortunately, she escaped with just an injury near her left eye, this happened in Mumbai.

However, not everyone is as lucky as this girl so better be careful and not take stupid risks. We all now how dangerous it can be to move from one platform to another through railway tracks. Train accidents have already claimed a lot of deaths. It is very rare for the victim to survive in such incidents.

After hearing the crowd shouting her to watch over the train heading towards her, she then managed to jump to the other side but lost consciousness, unfortunately, it was too late and she ended up in the middle of the track and the train hit her. Right after this happened, the RPF arrived and took the girl to the hospital. Surprisingly, the girl survived the hit with minor injuries. The girl was released from the hospital on the same day and was handed over to her family.

When asked about this, the police told the press that the girl was completely careless while crossing the tracks which is prohibited and moreover, she was talking on her phone.

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