Trace Location of Mobile Number, Tracking of Cell Number


In today’s generation mobile is most important for daily life. And now a days every one is having mobile. And its really a great thing which helps us to do our work more efficiently but everything has some negative side also. so often the disadvantages are equal to the advantages. Tracking someone else’s phone constitutes a major invasion of privacy, no doubts about it. This is irrespective of your intention being good or bad. One major problem increasing day by day is getting MISS CALLS and prank calls, Messages from unknown Mobile numbers especially for girls is really headache. There is a way to find more details and trace a mobile phone number without calling back.

Trace Mobile Number Location, Cell phone Tracking Anywhere In World


Some times this may lead to serious issue. Its important to know – how your privacy is leaking and how to block them before some-one takes undue advantage of same.

Below are some of the details – which are there:

Caller Name & Location

It has become easy to check who is Number calling you up by finding the name through Mobile Number or Landline along with the location of caller. Either Install it as Truecaller Android Application or Search it through Website

Simply go to Website

Punch in phone number, authorize app by login through Social Media – Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus / Linked in / Yahoo and there you are with the caller name and location address. Its estimated that Database of Truecaller has over 100 crore numbers stored in there database along with location

You can search Caller Name & Location of both Landline and Mobile Number

Steps for tracing the owner’s name:

1. Go to TrueCaller  website. or click here for TrueCaller

2. Select the country as India and enter the phone number you need to trace.

3. Click on the search button and login with any of the provided social networks.

4. It shows you the owner’s name of the provided mobile number.

5. I likely found mine. See the below image.

trace owner name of any mobile number in the world

This mobile number tracer tool is very fast and accurate and is being updated every month to include the new series phone numbers introduced by TRAI .

Now you can easily find more details about a missed call from an unknown number, or track the location of a prank caller and someone who have been sending you those annoying sms messages. Just use the tool to trace mobile phone number in India.

Steps to trace a Location and Operator of a Mobile Number:

  1. Go to IndiaOnAPage website.
  2. Enter the mobile number and hit trace, you are done.

truecall for trace and track mobile number in India