[WATCH VIDEO] Three Players Injured By One Ball In Bizarre Incident In A Cricket Match

AP2TG Staff

Cricket is one of the most playing games in the world. Countries like India treat cricket as a religion. It gives lots and lots of entertainment for the audience in the stadium as well as the viewers before the Televisions.

Sometimes, cricket can be a funny game. There have been many moments over the years that have had the viewers and even players crack up. There are many moments that can be found in the well that is the internet that can have you rolling with your hands clenching your stomach.

An old saying in Hindi goes like, ‘Ek Teer, Teen Nishaan’ which means ‘One arrow, three strikes.’ One such moment that surfaced was from Australia’s Victorian Premier League in Australia on January 18, 2015.

The bowler ran in and bowled a straight delivery when Footscray Edgewater’s batsman tried to pull the ball with a wild swing; he ended up hitting his team-mate at the non-striker’s end. While the batsman seemed to have pulled a shoulder muscle, his partner at the other end was floored by the hit on his leg.

He, however, got back to his feet. As the bowler started walking towards his bowling mark, a fielder picked up the ball and threw towards the bowler, who was caught unaware as the ball hit his head, injuring him. It was a really bizarre situation and a rare moment on the cricket field.

Watch The Video Here:

It may have been a painful experience but all the fielders and even his team mates in the dressing room, couldn’t stop laughing. Quite an eventful delivery this one, though the seriousness of all the injuries is unknown to us this is a painful yet funny video.