Check Out What Was Done To This Tamil Nadu’s Lady Police For Exposing The VIP Treatment Of Sasikala

AP2TG Staff

It has been barely a couple of days and Tamil Nadu’s daring lady cop DIG Roopa is now transferred from her current place. And it is pretty clear she faced this fate for exposing the VIP treatment given to Sasikala.

These shocking revelations regarding the former short-termed Chief Minister Sasikala have become sensational in the whole political fraternity. On the same context, post the leak, DIG Roopa has come out in defense of her report. “I stand by my report and there is evidence,” she said.

Surprisingly, just after the exposure, Karnataka government has ordered her transfer to a not-so coveted position of Commissioner of Traffic and Road Safety. Contrary to this, DIG Roopa continued to be strong and said that she was content with the support and feels blessed. Her expose was substantiated after a video emerged of scam convict Abdul Karim Telgi enjoying a luxurious massage in the prison.

Coming to the facilities offered to Sasikala, sources claim that Sasikala who is the prisoner number 9234, has as many as five cells in the prison to herself, she had access to a separate kitchen, comfortable bed, and a flat screen TV. Most shocking of all is that Sasikala has an exclusive conference room with a table and revolving chair in the prison. The conference room is where Sasikala meets her visitors time to time.

Spread over a walled-area of 40 acres, the Parappana jail has double the number of inmates than it can incarcerate. Here about 150 prisoners share the same kitchen, bathrooms and other facilities.

Meanwhile, in her report, Roopa has included that Sasikala met nearly 81 visitors in the last 117 days, while according to the rules only one visitor is allowed in a fortnight. Most of the visitors arrived after the visiting hours are over.

Certain allegations on and talks that involved the Rs 2 crore exchanging hands to give “preferential treatment” to Sasikala were mentioned in the report.

Back then during the interrogation, Roopa, in her notes mentioned that she visited barracks of undertrials, hospital and kitchen facilities, spoke to the undertrials below the age of 25 years and even examined their daily routine and made valuable suggestions. DIG Roopa recommended that the inmates should be engaged with sports and that school text books to be provided to them.

In a bid to maintain the proper sanitation and security conditions, she even urged the respective officials to retain the same levels of quality and security.

DIG Roopa started submitting her reports, first on June 29, in which she mentioned about a doctor being assaulted inside the prison. She submitted the second one on July 15, in which she mentioned the details of the privileges offered to her.

And what all happened next is surprising. It partly appears like Bengaluru Central Jail underwent several changes overnight after having a glance at Ropa’s report which includes the transfer of her and DGP Sathyanarayana Rao. However, the probe is still on and many details are yet to be revealed.