Pack Your Bags! This Switzerland’s Village Is Ready To Pay You $25000 USD To Live There

AP2TG Staff

Back then, people went crazy over the news regarding a place in Iceland where women need men, and the latter will be paid a handsome amount of money if prefers settling over there. However, the recent reports have proved that it all nothing but a hoax. Now, again after a while, a similar news has surfaced the Internet, but this time, it is genuine, as the Govt has its say already.

Coming to the facts, things are getting so lonely in an idyllic Swiss mountain village, officials want to pay people $25,000 to move there for good. The initiative aims to repopulate the community of Albinen– which has dwindled to just 240 residents– and will be voted on by the village council on November 30, according to The Local media.

And, the interesting initiative by the govt says that the newcomers willing to buy or build a house in the scenic town and commit to living there for ten years would get a grant of 25,000 Swiss francs per adult and 10,000 per child– meaning a family of four would receive $70,871, a decent sum for a family.

Despite all that buzz, there is a catch though, to be eligible you must be under 45 and the house you build or buy must be a primary residence- not a vacation home- and be valued at around $200,000.

All this high tension has hugged this village because, in the recent years, the charming village has experienced an exodus and the local school had to close after the departure of three families. Nestled in the mountains, at an altitude of 4,265 feet, the air in Albinen is pure, sun abundant and the views are panoramic. However, it is finding a job, a difficult task to be done, there are few jobs and the nearest city, Sion, is half an hour away.

With ski and spa resorts just miles away, many of the homes in the town have become vacation homes and remain empty most of the year. Village authorities said the new proposal is “an investment in the village’s future,” adding that an influx of new families would bring life back to Albinen and that residents would benefit through taxes, construction contracts and purchases in local shops all the way.

Talking about the future progress, officials said, “in a best-case scenario, even the village school will reopen”. After all, this isn’t a bad offer.