CCTV Footage: This Pizza Guy Stopped Ugly Street Fight With His Special Weapon!

AP2TG Staff

We all know how ugly street fights can turn. You either join the people watching it or you try to intervene and break the street fight. This is a CCTV footage shows two men getting into a fight alongside a footpath.

This footage shows a man who put an end to a fight between two men using a pizza. Let the guns rest in peace. He stopped the men with pizza in his hand. The two men stopped fighting and enjoyed the pizza together like nothing ever happened.


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Watch The Video Here:

The waiter of the restaurant, who was serving pizza to his customers, saw things going wrong and immediately gathered his wits and intervened. He not only intervenes but manages to stop the fight. In style, balancing the large pan on his one hand he separates the two and hands them each a slice.

Well, the footage shared on Twitter and had been re-tweeted over 12,000 times, at the time of writing. When you witness any fight on streets try this pizza technique.

The moral of the story is, pizza is peace !!