WATCH VIDEO: This Girl’s Dance To Madhuri Dixit’s Bollywood Hit ‘Aja Nachle’ Is Simply Mesmerizing

AP2TG Staff

Thanks to Social media. Nowadays various mediums of communicative platforms like Youtube, Facebook and others are assisting in building the careers of many talented people who are struggling for stardom. There are thousands of youngsters who bagged the flags of popularity by simply exhibiting their takes in the respective arts category.

Talent alone is a mandatory tool nowadays for those who are quite well with Social Media. Let it be anything, a musical video, a tutorial, a channel that consists own versions of dances, anything can be presented at its best.

One with exceptional talent can earn people’s attention as quickly as possible.

Now, the girl in the above picture has danced for the hit number in Bollywood and her performance is loved by netizens. She left no stone unturned in justifying the ethnicity of Madhuri Dixit’s blockbuster song.

Watch the video here:

The exclusive thing about the video is that over three different girls are seen dancing to the song, at different places, and the combination of all the clips didn’t miss the sync with the original song.

As of now, the video has garnered over 240K views and is circulated widely on social media handles.