This Bar In Kerala Ingeniously Kicked Off The Supreme Courts ‘500 Meters Distance Rule’

AP2TG Staff

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” it looks like someone took it seriously, even implemented. It is well known that there’s this rule from the government that orders wine shops owners to build their stores about 500 meters away from the Highways.

Now, many bars that were built and those which were in the middle of construction just beside the roads are worried for right reasons. But, here’s this unique bar in Kerala’s Ernakulam that simply kicked off the rule with its ingenious act.

In order to beat this rule of ‘500 meters away from Highway’, the owner of the Aishwarya restobar came up with an idea of building a maze around the bar. Who builds a maze around his bar, well, he did it.

According to the PIL (public interest litigation) filed by the country’s popular NGO-Arrive Safe, the government has imposed this new law. ‘Arrive Safe’ has mentioned that ‘drink-drive’ is the major cause of death behind this road accidents, out of the 1.42 lakh accidents-deaths.
Strict measures were taken in implementing the rule, various bars and five stars hotels stopped serving liquor, the prominent places include Mount Road in Chennai.

However, this idea of the maze is quite an out-of-box deed. The bar owner is now planning to set up another 250-300 meters maze-wall rather than shutting the shop.

When asked about this, the owner said: “The bar situated on NH 17, it seems, can now say that we are not situated within 500 metres from the highway” added that they spent Rs 2 lakhs for building the wall.

In addition to this, popular malls like Cyber Hub and Ambience Mall in NCR- Delhi have changed the entrance to their properties. Ambience Mall has closed the entrance to the Leela Ambience Hotel and visitors have to drive around the residential complex before entering the hotel, according to Hindustan Times. The entrance to Cyber Hub in Gurgaon has been moved so that the distance is more than a kilometre from the National Highway 8.

Now, there is an another advantage with the maze, it might help you in understanding how drunk you are.If you’re good enough to make your way out of the maze, then you’re good. If not, better call the cab, ain’t it?