Hungry Thief Breaks Into Car To Steal Kit Kat And Leaves An Amazing Note To Explain Why

AP2TG Staff

Some people break into cars for the purse in the front seat or the chance to steal a car radio. But breaking into cars for chocolate bars is something that sounds very unusual and crazy .


A thief in Kansas must be really hungry, because he broke into a car to steal a Kit Kat and also left a brilliant note explaining why.

Hunter Jobbins lives in Manhattan and had left his car parked outside a college in Kansas for fifteen minutes. While he was gone, a thief broke into Jobbins car, found a chocolate bar left inside, took it and left but not before he left a note for Jobbins.

The note read, “Saw Kit Kat in your cup holder. I love Kit Kats so I checked your door and it was unlocked. Did not take anything other than the Kit-Kat. I am sorry and hungry.

After reading the note a second time, Jobbins found the note “really funny” and decided to share it online.

Jobbins’ tweet immediately went viral, receiving the attention of hundreds of thousands of people online, with many retweeting or liking the tweet.

Even Kit Kat got wind of the theft, offering Jobbins another bar.

It’s all good though because Kit Kat found out about Jobbins’ unfortunate problem and offered to send him a new chocolate bar.

All in good humour, other Twitter users shared their sympathies with Hunter. One of them wrote: “Who steals someone’s Kit Kat?! WHO DOES THAT?! Shoot us a DM and we’ll replace it for you.


According to a Mirror report, he found the episode funny and said he got a kick out of what happened. He added that he did not report the theft to the police, because well, it’s just KitKat and the man was “sorry and hungry”.

Apparently, he now thinks that if someone has a candy in their car they should hide it, before the chocolate thief strikes!

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