These Four Points On Your Body Will Help In Faster Metabolism And Accelerated Weight Loss

AP2TG Staff

Obesity is one big problem the world is tackling now. Many factors contribute to obesity but being completely inactive is a major factor. One can take care of their overall health while addressing the problem of obesity by doing simple, everyday exercises and leave the excuse behind.

Acupuncture or Acupressure is a technique that helps reduce body fat by activating the pressure points in the body. This technique is slowly gaining popularity across the globe. There are experts and centers where one can go and get treated, but there are a few methods that can be followed as a self-use method.

1. The Face

By massaging the part above your lip, also called the philtrum, you can regulate your anxiety which in turn helps control your appetite. This stimulates your muscles thereby removing excess moisture from your body.

2. Ears

Apply continuous pressure and massage the point at your ear where there is maximum jaw movement. This helps in speeding up your metabolism and in controlling your appetite. This is to be done for 3 minutes and three times every day.

3. Arm

This pressure point is at the inner elbow. This is mainly intended for stimulating the large intestine. Pressure-point this area for about 2 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

4. Knee

Apply pressure at about two inches above the knee cap. This is a pressure point that helps in digestion thereby increasing metabolism. Apply pressure at this point for a good one minute before relaxing.