The Court’s Judgement To A Woman Filing A Case Seeking 25K/Month As Compensation After Divorce! Will Blow Your Mind!

AP2TG Staff

We all know that Women are treated as weaker than Men and they always need some support from their family or husband to lives their lives and fulfill their requirements. This has been continuing since ancient times. But, this has changed in the decades and centuries passed, the women have been proving their abilities and talents in many occasions in almost every field which bring changes in the mindset of society gradually.

Women have proved and still proving that they are no less than Men. There are women who are still living up to thoughts of the old era and depending on their men, regardless of the fact that they are more capable of earning their livelihood. One such incident took place in the court of New Delhi where the court has straightly rejected a woman’s appeal. She was asking for monthly interim maintenance from her husband after their divorce.

What Is The Woman’s Plea?

It is the case of domestic violence and the woman is awarded Rs. 5,500 every month. The woman approached the court for further increasing the amount to Rs. 25,000. But the court additional sessions judge RK Tripathi, refused her plea, saying that she is more educated than her husband and hence, can earn for herself. He also added that she shouldn’t just sit at home, being a parasite on the income of the separated husband.

“The appellant herself is a well-educated lady having a post graduation degree: MA, B.Ed and LLB, and is reported to be more qualified than the respondent (husband). She can earn herself. She is not supposed to sit idle at home and be a parasite on the earnings of the respondent,” said RK Tripathi.

In the year 2008, she was awarded Rs. 5000 monthly by a magisterial court after taking divorce from her husband. There had been an increase of 10% in the year 2015. However, she wanted more money and she filed a plea against the court’s order for increasing the amount further to Rs. 25,000. Keeping the verdict of the magisterial court, RK Tripathi added,

“The metropolitan magistrate has rightly observed that inflation rate varies between six and 11% in India as per government statics. Therefore, the enhancement of maintenance at 10% (of Rs 5,000) is fully justified.”

What Is The Court’s Judgment:

As the woman couldn’t cite a reason for enhancement in the amount, and couldn’t prove why she was wishing for an increase, taking all these points into consideration, her plea was declined by the court.

What do you think about the woman and her plea? Don’t you think that she was just availing herself of being a woman and misusing her rights when she filed the plea? What do you say? Share your comments with us in the comments section below.