Watch: Temper Spoof By Kiraak RP & Mahesh Is Too Hilarious

AP2TG Staff

“Jabardasth” Katharnak Comedy Show is a Telugu TV comedy show, and it has rated “5 stars” among Telugu, broadcast on ETV channel, in the Telugu States.  The comedy show was first telecast on ETV on 7th February 2013.

Now the show is telecasting two times in a week i.e; Jabardasth on Thursday and Extra Jabardasth on Friday. Here is the hilarious skit from Kiraak RP in yesterday Jabardasth show. Jr. NTR Temper movie spoof made by RP and Mahesh is the highlight of yesterday’s episode. Watch the hilarious spoof here. Don’t miss the end.

kiraak rp temper spoof

Temper Spoof By Kiraak RP – Jabardasth:

Every punch in the skit worked out tremendously. Yesterday Temper movie spoof in Jabardasth is the highlight. Kiraak RP and Mahesh did a wonderful job. They showed their frustration on stage in this episode. Mahesh imitated every dialogue of Posani from Temper movie. His reactions are awesome. Anchor and Judges couldn’t control their laugh till the end.

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