Telangana State Temp-Rises with Heat Wave Panicking People


Telangana state is rocking down with high temperatures and heat waves claiming the lives of a few and panicking the rest. Official status of the MET department and Telangana officials claimed that Nizamabad  blazed down with 46.4 degrees Celsius temperature and the city capital Hyderabad hotted up with 42.9 degrees celsius temperature. Indian Meteorological Department issued warning and official reports across the state reporting that major parts of the state would be facing heat wave conditions.

heat-wave in Hyderabad and Telangana with high temperatues.

MET Department Declares Warning Across the State

MET Department weather reports claim that Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Nalgonda districts and many other districts of Telangana would be able to prevail in the heat wave for a duration of week thus all the citizens of the state to take precautions. Telangana state encountered hot sunny day on  Wednesday with maximum temperature recorded in Nizamabad district which was found to 46.4 degrees Celsius on Wednesday against 46.1 yesterday. High temperature sunny days engulfed Ramagundam of Karimnagar district with not less than 46 degree Celsius. Hyderabad city too followed the series registering a 42.9 degree Celsius temperature.

Sources claim that people were found spending out their days being under shades and shadows during the day. It was a second successive day for the people of Hyderabad confronting with high temperatures of 45 degree Celsius on Wednesday. People report that it is such a hard time to spend time at this heat waves surrounding and torturing  power outages. Minimum temperatures of day time was recorded as 32-degree Celsius at 5 a.m which makes it clear that how much rise of temperatures is prevailing in the afternoon. Until evening 5 PM people are willing to spend their time in indoors although the temperatures are not seen subsidized beyond 42-degree celsius.

Heat waves generated due to the blistering sun cautioned the people to step out of shades and homes making it curfew like the situation on busy roads. Public places such as bus tops, depots, train stations, all major roads and busy market centres and junctions appeared to be deserted due to the unbearable heat waves and temperature. People are dropping down the ideas of travelling during day times are preferring to travel in mornings and evenings. Although state Deputy Chief Traffic Manager, RTC Y. Gangadhar claims that RTC “hasn’t witnessed any drop in overall passenger traffic the occupancy rate in buses is poor during afternoons”

summer hat waves roses temperatures in Telangana

Due to the holidays and vacations there hasn’t been any decrease or change in the passenger rush in trains and all trains were seen going jam-packed due to holidays. Railway Station Manager T. Prabhu Charan hinted that though the temperatures are rising still there hasn’t been any decrease in passengers while Amravati bound train was full of passengers. What do you feel with the rising panicking temperatures in Telangana. Share your ideas and views with us leaving all your comments in the comment box.  Stay tuned with us for many more updates.