Telangana: Hyderabad City Police Crack Down on Youths Roaming Streets at Night


Telangana state capital Hyderabad city police turn out to be more hard-and-fast over the youngsters and teenagers violating rules and regulations causing inconvenience for the people of Hyderabad during odd hours. Instantaneous death of a teen in old city of Hyderabad city after an street fight has made the police to carry out stringent actions over the youngsters and teens who had been roaming around the city during late night hours.

Operation Late Night Roam-Yos Hyderabad city poice

‘Late Night Roam-Yos’ Grabbed Up By Hyderabad City Police While Roaming Streets at Night

Hyderabad city youngsters roaming on the roads causing the inconvenience to the people across the city have been nabbed up Hyderabad city police. During a special drive carried out by the Hyderabad City Police it is expected that around 105 youths were rounded up for roaming on street roads of city without proper reason and work. Hyderabad city police called out this mega campaign as the ‘Operation Late Night Roam-Yos’ in Old City which was aimed at restraining youngsters and minors from roaming the streets in the area and creating nuisance.

During the past few nights the ‘Operation Late Night Roam-Yos’ was carried out and over 105 youths were picked up from different areas of Old City as per the reports of the Additional DCP (South Zone) Babu Rao. All the youngsters who had been nabbed were given counseling in the presence of their parents and elders and were suggested by the police not to create any sort of mess again and not to repeat such incidents again. During the initial day of ‘Operation Late Night Roam-Yos’ i.e., on  Saturday as many as 282 youths, including 32 minors were arrested by the Hyderabad Police during the operation.

DCP V Satyanarayana in an official media report stated that “Majority of youngsters and minors in the city are wasting their precious time in insignificant activities and getting addicted to unruly modern trends and bad habits instead of focusing on academic and professional careers.” Police had earlier said the recent death of Nabil, a city-based youth, in a street fight occurred because of lack of parental supervision. DCP V Satyanarayana claimed that Souh Zone police of Hyderabad wouldn’t hold back and hesitate to file any complaint or FIR against the parents of so caught teens and youth committing serious crimes violating the law and order in the city.