Telangana Government KCR Swacch Hyderabad Rids City of 32,250 Tonnes Garbage


Telangana State Government’s launched project Swacch Hyderabad has been successful in gaining good response among the people of Hyderabad. Yesterday being the last day of prestigious project which has been launched by the Chief Minister of Telangana, K. Chandrasekhar Rao on 16th of May, 2015. Swacch Hyderabad campaign was a scorching pace for officials and citizens to follow as he crisscrossed the city visiting several areas, meeting people and urging them to take active part in keeping the city clean.

Telangana state CM KCR participating in the Swacch Hyderabad

Swacch Hyderabad Campaign Gets Rids of 32,250 Tonnes Garbage from City

Five days mega campaign of Telangana State Government’s Swacch Hyderabad seems to be have done good getting rid of around 32,250 Tonnes of Garbage. State government attributed the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to carry on Swacch Hyderabad campaign as the nodal agency for the programme. GHMC carried on the campaign for five days assigning the officers and encouraging the participation of the city citizens and locals to get rid Hyderabad streets of a whopping 32,250 tonnes of garbage and debris.

GHMC and the State Government of Telangana conveyed extreme joy and immense pleasure thanking the officials and citizens of the Hyderabad as the record amount of waste that the corporation would have typically removed in the normal course of five days. First day of Swacch Hyderabad first day of campaigning was started off early after being launched by CM KCR in Dabeerpura in the Old City and later moving on to Yakutpura, Saidabad, NTR Nagar and some areas of Maheswaram assembly constituency. Last day of Swacch Hyderabad was at its pace making the officials of the GHMC in busy as the CM KCR took part in the campaign where he initially started off his day inspecting the Singam Cheruvu in Uppal. Later KCR and GHMC took part in Swacch Hyderabad with the residents of IN Nagar in Malkajgiri and then proceeded to Alwal area where he interacted with residents of Bhudevi Nagar. He also inspected the condition of the Saroornagar lake.

Hyderabad and local residents lined up and crowded along the streets where CM KCR  travelled in his convoy or walked. Hyderabad Lok Sabha member Asaduddin Owaisi, Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Md Mahmood Ali, GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar and other GHMC officials, water board and other departments officials took part enthusiastically along with CM K Chandra Shekar Rao. CM KCR have been witnessed addressing the locals and residents of with his dream projects and party elections manifesto of cleaning the city Hyderabad and providing the two-bedroom houses for the poor and beneficiary people. Telangana Chief Minister Telangana K Chandra Shekar Rao reiterated that he and his government would take all immediate measures to save the Saroornagar lake and the Singam Cheruvu.

Reportedly, official records state that around 7 lakh citizens actively took part in the campaign that began on May 16, 2015. GHMC officials state proclaimed that usually every day around3,600 tonnes of garbage is lifted. GHMC officials are felicitous conveying that around 8,000 tonnes of garbage was lifted during each day of Swacch Hyderabad campaign due to the active involvement of public and VVIPs. During the Swacch Hyderabad campaign around 510 tippers and 60 JCBs were added to the existing fleet of its vehicles to clear and lift the garbage and debris in the city. Officials stated that more than 15,000 quick repair works were carried out with the help of 500 instant repairing teams during the five-day Swacch Hyderabad campaign. Stay tuned with us for more by pressing Ctrl+D to bookmarking us in your web browser.