Telangana CM KCR Pledges to Make Hyderabad Garbage Free


Chandra Shekar Rao, Cheif Minister of Telangana State seems to be inspired by the very recent development that took place after the successful mega city cleanliness campaign Swacch Hyderabad. T-CM KCR while going over the series of events that took place during the Swacch Hyderabad in the Telangana capital was glad enough to note that the mega city cleanliness campaign brought forth surprising changes in the public places urged that Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) officials to carry similar operations after one month.

KCR Swacch Hyderabad review meeting with GHMC officials at HICC

GHMC Officials to Carry Out Swacch Hyderabad Each Month

GHMC officials reported that Telangana Chief Minister who reviewed the Swacch Hyderabad was quite impressed with the series of events that took place. Reportedly it is believed that CM KCR has directed and suggested that GHMC official machinery to visit the capital city Hyderabad and its localities again once in a month to make the city garbage-free forever.

T CM Mr. KCR said the Telangana state government will take all necessary steps to see that the garbage generated in houses, shops and workplaces was not accumulated within the city, but shifted outside regularly while reviewing the mega five-day cleanliness Swacch Hyderabad program with supervisory officials at Hyderabad International Convention Centre. KCR affirmed that GHMC sanitary workers would visit houses in auto-trolleys to collect both wet and dry garbage in separate plastic dustbins a new way so that a proper and effective waste management could be done.

GHMC would be deployed with this task as the state government is about to purchase about 2,000 auto trolleys providing employment to unemployed youngsters of Hyderabad. Government of Telangana initiative of giving 2,000 auto trolleys to the unemployed youngsters of Hyderabad would generate wage employment for them where the trolleys would let the garbage to city outskirts where it will be picked up by trucks for power generation and compost urea based on modern ways of waste management. CM K Chandra Shekar Rao assured that this kind of sanitation system will be brought into force within two months to keep the city and the state as good as they can to make Hyderabad a global city.

He further affirmed that during his visit in the Hyderabad capital city he was able to locate at many places that drinking water and sewerage pipelines were joined which deteriorates people’s health and leads to many unwanted incidents. Mr Rao directed officials to take immediate steps to separate them.  During the review meeting held by the CM KCR with the GHMC officials many other important issues have been brought into light and considered such as construction of illegal structures on storm water drains (nallas), construction of over two lakh houses for the under privileged people in the city of Hyderabad and many others issues were discussed and brought into the light of administration. Mr. Rao affirmed that houses for the under privileged, demolition of illegal structures  and many other things would be taken at a meeting of public representatives of the city on May 26. Stay tuned to us for more updates and trending news scores by bookmarking out webpage pressing Ctrl+D for easy navigation.