[WATCH VIDEO] 3rd Grade Kid Brutally Slapped 40 Times In 2 Mins By Teacher Just Because He Didn’t Respond To The Roll Call

Krishna Reddy

Teaching is one of the most respectable professions in today’s world. A teacher must be admirable, passionate and interested in any aspect of learning and making their students learn, and imagine how does it feel watching a teacher beating the hell out of a mere three-year old kid.

On the top of everything, the reason behind this is totally mundane. It s just because the kid hasn’t responded to the roll call, the infuriated teacher slapped him 40-times in 2 minutes, pushed him many times in the middle and repeated the deed.

teacher slapping kid 40 times in 2 min

This happened at Lucknow’s popular St John Vianney High School, in the CCTV footage, the teacher is seen beating the third-grade kid mercilessly. The video has now gone viral on social media with people sharing it on multiple platforms.

According to reports, the child was apparently engrossed in drawing and did not hear the teacher calling out his name. The disturbing incident came to light when the child reached home with a swollen face and the parents enquired about the reason. child’s friends told them what had happened in the class.

Post the incident, the parents approached the principal and CCTV footage of the class was unearthed which showed the teacher, identified as Retika V John, beating the child and pushing him around back-to-back.

kid slapped by teacher

Another media source has reported that the teacher apologized for her behavior and her services have been terminated. The parents have reportedly filed a FIR against the teacher at the PGI police station on Thursday, and the probe in on.

Watch the full video here:

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